Reporting post on tattoos in the job world

Reporting: Interviewee with Vance Mitzner, an NSA employee and entrepreneur.

When you first got hired to work for the NSA what were the requirements? Would having a tattoo that is noticeable be acceptable or unacceptable? “Tattoos are acceptable. It is discrimination to not allow someone with a tattoo.”

If someone got one after working there for awhile would they be fired? Why or Why not?  “Tattoos are not necessarily related to job performance so it would not have a bearing.”

Can you give me a description of the business you just started? ” I partnered with 3 others and we have a professional services company that focuses on IT and business staffing for the NSA.”

Would you ever hire anyone with tattoos all over their body?  “Part of our core business is customer satisfaction, so if someone had so many tattoos that it was a distraction it may impact a decision, but for the most part it is not a factor.  We have a young female employee today that has a visible tattoo. I know other businesses that would not if someone had offensive or obscene tattoos; I have never had to deal with that though.”

On a personal level how do you view tattoos?” Personal choice that I don’t care for, nor do I care if people choose it for themselves.”

On a professional level how would you view them?  “Similarly to personal as long as they are a good performer and the customer is satisfied. I don’t find them to be professional looking though.”

Do you know people that have ever not been given a job because of having a tattoo?” No not personally, but I have known people that know people that haven’t gotten hired because of tattoos.”


One Response to “Reporting post on tattoos in the job world”

  1. rhiannon86 Says:

    This post is very important when concerning tattoos in the workplace. Although tattoos have recently become more widely accepted, there are a lot places that still do not appreciate visible tattoos. I think it depends on the business. I worked at AT&T selling cellphones for almost 2 years and we had all sorts of special guidelines about our appearance, two of them being tattoos and piercings. They were not allowed to be visible. I think it just depends on the business. Nice post!

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