Reporting Post on Trendy Tattos


Interviewee: Sarah Diver, a 21-year-old college student at Towson University, majoring in Education.

When did you get you tattoo?

“I got my tattoo in March of 2008.”

What is it of and why did you get it?

“It is a four leaf clover outline. I got it because of my family. My two cousins and I talked about doing something together to show how close we all are. We joked about a tattoo and I never thought it would actually happen. When we were all home from college over spring break, we actually did it. It has become sort of a tradition. Every girl cousin once they turn 18 has gotten that tattoo in that spot.”

Was everyone accepting of your tattoo, if yes why do you think so, id no why weren’t they?

“I didn’t tell my parents that I was going to get it; I showed them after it was done. They were shocked at first and didn’t actually believe that it was real. Eventually, once I told them the story behind it, they were very accepting of it and my mom actually likes it. I think they were in shock at first because they never thought I would be the type of girl to go out and randomly get a tattoo. (I didn’t think so either). I also have no desire to get another one after getting this one.”

Do you think tattoos carry the same social stigma they used to?

“I don’t think that tattoos carry the same social stigma as they used to. I think that people are absolutely more accepting of tattoo’s now a days. I also think that there is a fine line, but it’s all about opinion. I think that people still think twice about hiring someone with sleeves of tattoos especially if that someone is a female.”
How did you decide on the placement of your tattoo?

“My cousin actually thought of the spot of our tattoo and I think it is the perfect spot. I can put a band aid on it and it covers it completely if I have to for work. It is also in a spot where people can see it, but it is also intimate to me (being on the inside of my foot). So far four of us including me have it and three of them have it on their right foot, but I have it on my left. This was because when my cousin Maggie thought of the spot, I automatically lifted my left foot. I think that it is because I’m a lefty; it just felt right on that spot. My mom is also thankful because on my wedding day it can be hidden, and she is still old fashioned like that!”

Do you believe tattoos are a trend, why or why not?

“I think that tattoo’s can be a trend but there are also some that will never go out of style. I think that there are people who get one when they turn 18 because they want to rebel and later live to regret it. I think that there are many people on the other hand, who think about it and something happens in their life or they want to do something to show everyone how important something is to them. There is a fine line. I used to be very against tattoos especially because I am going to be a teacher, but mine means so much to me that I completely understand where people are coming from.”

2 Responses to “Reporting Post on Trendy Tattos”

  1. dtopp18 Says:

    I like this topic. Looks like you have a pretty good interview. Give the reader the important things that stand out from what this person has to say, as opposed to just straight Q & A. Ask them if you can take a picture for these post. I would imagine a tatto-centered blog to have lots of tattoo pics!

  2. rhiannon86 Says:

    This is a good interview! I like the idea behind the tradition with her cousins. I most recently got a tattoo and have to tell my parents. They are very anti-tattoo. I like that once her mother found out the meaning of the tattoo, she was accepting. It’s so funny how parents can be sometimes. By the way, I’m loving your topic!

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