Interview With up and coming tattoo artist

Name of interviewee: Ian Ephrom

What fascinates you about tattoo artistry? “Well it pays the bills and I can do all types of designs that you can’t do with other types of art forms.”

Which one of your tattoos means the most to you? “It’s more about the quality of the tattoo then the actual meaning behind it. All my tattoos represent me though in one way or another to the outside world.”

Why do you believe people get tattoos? “People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. As many reasons as there are people. Most people do it to separate themselves but that just designates them to another distinct group of people, it doesn’t help individualize people if they are doing it to be trendy.”

Do you believe having tattoos can cause people to stereotype you more or do you think it’s becoming more of a trend? “Trends in tattoos do come and go. With the general populous it is kind of picking up speed. There are shows about tattoos now so it’s starting to make it become more acceptable. It used to be that I’d be in line at a grocery store and people would try and run away from the line I was in, now its like I get soccer moms running up to talk to me.”


One Response to “Interview With up and coming tattoo artist”

  1. Ashley Rabe Says:

    This interviewee gave you some good quotes. I did find myself wonder however, how many tattoos does he have? Is he starting his own business? An what are some of his tattoos? It might be good to give a bit of an introduction to your interviewee so the readers can get to know him. Also, I would love to see pictures of some of his tattoos or the designs he has that he was talking about in the beginning of the interview. He sounds like a neat guy.

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